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Touch screen self-service betting system

An adaptable touch screen self-service betting system usable by customers and operators alike. Midas facilitates betting across all offer types, including sportsbook, live events, third party products and virtual games.

In addition to custom branding and colours, Midas includes a back office CMS solution, empowering you to make sure your offer is presented in the best way for your business.

Midas provides a customer facing, touch based user-interface, which can be installed on various platforms; from self-service cash based betting terminals, to ticket based all-in-one PCs, to Android tablets. Midas can also be deployed as an operator facing POS system, providing real-time reporting and shop management, as well as over the counter bet acceptance.


Compatible with all betting platforms as well as being fully compatible with our Apache retail platform and our gaming products Trident, V-Sports and V-Numbers

Quick and easy-to-use self-betting system

Touch-based user interface, with large button icons, to provide a fun betting experience

Possibility of installation on various platforms: self-service cash based betting terminals, ticket based all-in-one PCs, Android tablets

On-premises or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) implementation models

Fast integration, for a quick time to market

24/7 support service

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